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We couldn't be more honored that Red Roof selected us to work with such an amazing group of Hoteliers.  We understand the importance of selecting the right partner who can provide you with a quality product, excellent service, and an affordable monthly price. We are excited that Red Roof has entrusted us to not only help their properties improve the "in room" experience for the guest but also provide a value to the business owner in terms of the quality of service and price point they are receiving.  We look forward to getting to know each of you as we work together to custom build a solution that not only works for your properties needs but also your budget.


As you already know, Red Roof is excited for all of their branded properties to be able to enhance their guest room experience without having to break the bank to do so.  Through their partnership with DISH Business, your guest will be able to get all of the features and content they want, you will get the best programming pricing, and best of all...there is no huge CAPEX expenditure required to replace your existing TVS.  

Sound good so far?  Great!  Now let's talk tech....

The Infotainment platform is powered by DISH's SMARTBOX headend technology.  This compact yet robust headend unit delivers beautiful,  high definition programming from all of your favorite channels.  From HBO to ESPN and everything in between, there will never be a shortage of something for your guest to watch.


Once we get into the rooms, the magic happens.  The Infotainment device teams up with the SMARTBOX headend to bring all of that amazing HD content to the guest room while also delivering it's signature enhanced, "at home" viewing experience with features such as: 

  • Custom Welcome Screen with logo placement

  • Interactive Channel Guide

  • Netflix & YouTube Built In

  • GooglePlay Store for additional streaming apps

  • Chromecast built in - Cast content directly to the TV

  • Secure credential clearing to protect guest information

  • Oh and did we mention....High Definition Content on any TV

So by now you are probably wondering what do all of the features mean to your budget.  Don't worry!   We've worked hard to build a model specifically for Red Roof that ensures you have our absolute best pricing.  All of our quotes include programming, taxes, equipment and standard installation right there so you have the full picture.  One of the things that sets us apart  is we understand that there is no "one size fits all solution".    We pride ourselves on working with our customers to build the perfect solution to meet their needs from ZERO DOWN options to offering improvement options for your current distribution or wireless network if needed. 

Ready to find out more?  Get in touch with us below.



This solution is great for properties that are looking to add smart technology to their guest rooms for certain users, but also maintain a simple and easy to use solution for the more traditional guest who prefers to only watch live TV.  While it's packaged with all of the great features listed above, this Infotainment solution provides a great value for those properties looking to keep their cost low.  

Want to see more?  CLICK HERE to watch the promo video highlighting of the the most popular features.


This solution is great for properties that are really looking for that high end look and feel for their guest rooms. In addition to all of the standard Infotainment features, the devices powered by Onstream offer a full screen custom UI, a dedicated hotel page, searchable content, and show recommendations for popular streaming services just like on your smart TV at home.  

Interesting is a demo?  CLICK HERE to be directed to a test site to see all of these great features in action.

Ready to find out more?  Get in touch with us below.

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